Top Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for The People You Love

It’s highly probable, that at least once in your lifetime a couple of friends or family will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. It could even be you and your partner. But we’re guessing that you’ve found yourself here because you’re already in such a situation. In which case you’re on the right path, because we’re offering up some silver wedding anniversary gifts ideas, as well as some helpful tips and advice.

silver wedding happy coupleTwenty five years as man and wife is certainly worthy of a bit of gift exchanging. At the very least between the happy couple, but it can also include friends and family. Who will of course want a gift to show the respect and affection they have for the couple. By spending some of your time looking at this site you’ll be left with some gift ideas for a silver wedding anniversary that will certainly make the couples day. And if you happen to be a husband who’s struggling to come up with the perfect gift for his wife, or vice versa, you’ll find ideas for a silver wedding present that will melt their hearts.

There are plenty of online gift sites you can visit and plenty of gift stores at the mall. But to make your quest a little easier we’ll be collecting the best together in one place.

25th wedding anniversary gift ideas don’t have to cost the earth

When you’re looking for anniversary gifts an important thing to remember is the thought matters far more than the cost. Spending hundreds of dollars on an anniversary gift isn’t going to guarantee it’ll be considered precious. Have you ever heard people say that money can’t buy happiness? Well it’s certainly true in the gift giving world. Whether the gift is for your parents, a couple of friends or family members, the thought that was used when choosing the gift is far more precious than the price tag. And if you’ve gone to the trouble of making it yourself then what isn’t there to love about such a gift.

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas you can easily make yourself

Does your mom still have a keepsake that you brought home one day from school? Gifts made by their children are always held dear by parents. Just because you’re a little older now, don’t think that this has changed. Did you make your mom and dad a card using your handprints when at nursery school? It wasn’t the right time for it to be given as a silver wedding anniversary gift but you could always give it a go again. Get some of the family together, all ages, and make a modern day equivalent and present it in a silver frame.

Gather together some photos, pick a few to be copied and have them printed onto t-shirts, pillowcases, cushion covers, or made into a quilt. You could also put them into an anniversary scrapbook. There are plenty of blank scrapbooks that just need some mementos to fill the pages. By creating a scrapbook you can make a timeline for the couple’s life together and it’s the sort of gift they can enjoy adding to in future years.

Alternatively make a time capsule, and twenty five years on you’ll enjoy looking back on your silver anniversary, as well as all the years that went before. Fill the capsule with some of your memories and ask your spouse to add theirs.

A cool idea if the anniversary falls close to Christmas is to make some silver decorations for the Christmas tree. That way their silver anniversary will be remembered far longer than just one day.

Silver wedding anniversary gifts – Ideas for your husband

Husbands or wives – which are the most difficult to buy gifts for? It probably works out pretty much the same. However, it’s not worth working yourself up about, because you just need to find a gift that they like. How hard can that be? And who, if anybody knows them better than you? Has that set your mind at rest? No? Well keep reading and we’ll start with some help for the ladies.

golf ball in gold

  • A silver key ring, engraved with a special message or your initials. This gift idea for a silver wedding anniversary is very practical and something he can use everyday. Always good qualities when it comes to picking anniversary gifts for him.
  • Silver cufflinks are a great gift for the man who loves dressing up.
  • A silver lighter with a personal engraving
  • Silver plated love hearts – the sweetest way to say “I love you”


Gift ideas for a silver wedding anniversary your wife will love

Any anniversary gift that you give her will always be loved – especially if your choice was made with feeling. If you’d appreciate a little more direction read on for some anniversary gifts for her.

  • silver rose for herA silver watch – You might think this will be kind of useless, after all she’s got her mobile phone for keeping track of the time. On the contrary as watch have become more of a fashion accessory rather than being used simply for telling the time.
  • A trinket box made of silver – She’ll love a silver trinket box for all her treasured possessions.
  • A piece of silver jewellery – Pick an item of jewellery that fits her current taste in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. And of course it has to be silver. Make it better by choosing something that contains her birthstone and of course a suitable engraving.
  • A rose dipped in silver or a silver dipped vase – From Eternity Rose

Ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts are everywhere, not just here. There’s so much choice you could spend hours and hours deliberating over your gift. Don’t think of this time as wasted, because it’s the only way you can be sure you’re picking the best anniversary gift possible. And the effort you’ve put in will be appreciated by the anniversary couple. And be treasured for many years to come.