What to Get a Special Set of Parents for Their Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You should consider yourself to be very fortunate if your parents are soon to be celebrating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. You should also be feeling really proud to be part of such a successful relationship. Not so many marriages reach it to a quarter of a century. The modern trend is more to say goodbye and move onto pastures new when things start to go awry. All the more reason to take this opportunity to show your parents how you feel about being part of their journey.

There are lots of options when it comes to buying silver wedding anniversary gifts for you mom and dad. From practical all the way up to really sentimental. And they don’t need to cost lots of money either. Even the most reasonably priced gifts are valuable to your parents, because they were given by you. Your gift should come from the heart and be chosen with your love for them as its biggest quality.

Should you pick something traditional or choose a silver wedding anniversary gift they’d never expect?

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents can be traditional or bang up to date

heart and sunIt doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for inspiration in the list of modern or traditional anniversary themes. Both have silver as the overriding choice. So it’s really not a question of which list you’re going to follow. It’s more a question of whether you’re going to come up with something more inspirational. Of course it’s completely up to you, and how your mom and dad will feel about the choice you’ve made. But it’d be good to know that you’ll be opening up far more options if you choose to stray from conventional silver wedding anniversary gifts.

Are you starting to feel a little nervous about the challenge your facing? Are you struggling to come up with even a basic idea of what they’ll like? It probably looks to you that they already have everything they need. Which is of course, going to make things a little difficult we have to agree. But you don’t need to worry because you’re on the right page. We’re here to answer the question of what to get a special set of parents for their silver wedding anniversary gift.

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents that should be at the top of your list

Many of the gifts that we mention can of course be personalized to add a special touch. You can have many of them engraved or printed with their names, the date of their wedding, or a sentimental message. It’s completely up to you. So here are our suggestions:

Anniversary plaque
These are available in many shapes and sizes, as well as different materials, including the most obvious for such an occasion, silver. Whatever your parents style, taste and decor there will be one to match perfectly. This type of silver wedding anniversary gift for your parents is just perfect for that spot of personalization we mentioned earlier.

Anniversary picture frame
Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for parentsYou can make this silver wedding anniversary gift idea for your parents very personal indeed. Not just by adding an engraving, but by filling it with images you know they’ll adore. Gather together some photographs of the happy couple, as well as some of their family, friends and not forgetting you and any grandkids. You should, of course, complete the ensemble with a photograph of them both on their wedding day, taking centre stage in the frame. Alternatively why not ask for contributions and fill it with loving messages from people who care? Sound a little cheesy? Maybe, but we’re sure it’ll find a good home in their hearts.

A gift hamper filled with special treats
This is a great gift idea for your mom and dad because it gives you the opportunity to buy lots of little gifts rather than one big one. You can of course buy them ready made, but where’s the fun in that? Make your own and fill a basket with a wide range of the things they like to drink, eat, and other gift items, such as DVD’s, CD’s, seed packets, beauty products, gag gifts and more. They’ll enjoy sharing your gift for many weeks to come, and there will still be a basket left over that can be put to good use.

Carriage clock for the mantel
rose dipped in silverWhat a thoughtful gift this will make for your parents. They are sure to have a special place to keep it so everyone can see the wonderful gift you gave them. Many of the styles available feature silver, but there are also those made of glass and wood.

The chance to get away from it all
This year give your parents a gift they’ll appreciate as it will be a chance to get away from it all. It could be a weekend getaway or a two week long cruise. Whatever your budget will allow really. In order to help with the cost of an extravagant vacation ask friends and family for a contribution. But whatever you manage to organise you can be sure your parents will enjoy the time away from all their normal responsibilities and commitments.Time to enjoy some peace and quiet, the company of each other, and the chance to unwind.

A book of redeemable coupons
We like this idea, and some of us are hoping we’ll receive it as a silver wedding anniversary gift in the future. It’s a way of helping them out without them realising and the coupons can be spent throughout the year. Include some of the household chores you know they hate doing such as cleaning the car, mowing the grass, cooking dinner for a week, maybe even a month of washing-up. It can also include coupons for cinema tickets, a dinner date at their favourite restaurant or the promise to come visit every week.

When it comes to choosing 25th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents make sure you choose a gift that shows how much you care. If you can find something with this as one of the qualities your gift giving is bound to be a success.