Turn the Tables on the Man of Your Dreams with 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

How many times does the man get left out of the gift giving equation? How many times have you celebrated an anniversary or Valentine’s and not given him a gift? Now you’re looking at a silver wedding anniversary is it a safe bet to assume you want to turn it around? He may have said on several occasions he wasn’t expecting an anniversary gift. But is that really how he feels, or is he just trying not to put you under the same pressure he feels every year?

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for HimThe truth is most men aren’t all that fussed about being given an anniversary gift, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate one either. Your silver wedding anniversary is a great chance to show how much you care. Yes, you probably already say it several times a day, but the right silver wedding anniversary gifts for men will say far more than those three words.

For that very reason we’ve decided to dedicate a page of our site to the man you call your darling husband, and give you some silver wedding gift ideas for him that will rock his world.

We think your husband deserves a silver wedding anniversary gift – Here’s Why

It’s seems to have become very common for women to be given gifts for an anniversary. And also for Valentine’s Day come to that. Men don’t feature at the top of the gift list for such important occasions. Women have come to expect gifts for such special events, but what about the men in our lives? They deserve something too surely.

gold golf ballEvery passing year of being married to the same person deserves some recognition, and a great way to celebrate is by exchanging gifts. But for a twenty fifth wedding anniversary it calls for something a little more extravagant, especially when you take into account the high rate of divorce in today’s modern world. Some places it’s been said to be as high as 50%.

There are plenty of different ways you can mark the passing of 25 years, but it’s best if gifts form part of the plan. Exchanging gifts will make the moment more poignant and memorable, whether you choose to celebrate just the two of you or are planning to hold an elaborate party for family and friends. Giving each other gifts will also mean you’ve got something to keep the memory of the day alive for many years into the future.

Marriage is a joining of two people, both of whom will need to contribute in order to be successful. And it’s only right that both husband and wife are rewarded for all the hard work they’ve put in. And let’s be honest here… we all love opening presents!

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for all Men Regardless of their Taste

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and also have very individual tastes. There is however, some common ground when it comes to buying 25th wedding anniversary gifts for men. A good place to start in your quest for the perfect gift is to consider the things he’d prefer. He’s bound to have a hobby, or something he enjoys doing, so find a gift that relates to one of them. Maybe he fits into one of the following categories:

Is he the kind of guy who loves an adventure?
Does he much prefer being outside than sitting indoors? In his spare time does he long for the thrill and adrenaline rush of pushing the boundaries? Does he come home covered in mud at the weekends because he’s been playing with his mates off road? Give him the gift of an experience such as rock climbing, aerobatic stunt flying, powerboating, skydiving, or a supercar blast.

Is he the kind of guy who loves sport?
He doesn’t have to be the one participating. He could be the one cheering his favourite team from the sidelines. Whatever he prefers there are some good anniversary gifts for this kind of man. For example:

  • Tickets to an upcoming match
  • Monthly seat in the box at his favourite stadium
  • Sports bag for all his sporting paraphernalia
  • Team shirt of his all time favourite team
  • Pair of sports or running sneakers
  • Set of hybrid golf clubs to enhance his game
  • New bicycle
  • Subscription to the local gym

Is he a touch on the romantic side?
He probably doesn’t show it very often, but there are men out there who love a bit of romance. And silver wedding anniversary gifts for him will be perfect. Shower him with emotional, meaningful, affectionate, romantic, and sentimental gifts, and you might even bring a tear to his eye.

  • Silver business card case with a romantic engraving
  • Silver ring with a sentimental engraving
  • Silver pocket knife
  • Money clip made of silver monogrammed with his initials
  • Set of Welsh lovespoons
  • Keyring made of silver with a personal message engraved on it

golf ball


Is he the kind of guy who’s always got dirt under his fingernails?
We’re referring to the guy who loves pottering in the garden here, not the kind of guy who doesn’t like to wash. We’ve heard it said that guys love gifts that are practical. We asked around and it seems it’s true. Give him a gift he can enjoy when gardening. Wedding anniversary gifts for him that will make his gardening time easier and possibly more fun. You’re not going to find it too difficult, because there are new tools and gardening equipment coming onto the market every day. Perhaps he’s already got all the equipment he needs, in which case you could always buy him a tree or shrub he can enjoy taking care of.

girl with bouquetWith all these suggestions you won’t find it hard coming up with a suitable gift, whatever his taste. Stay tuned for more ideas, hints and tips relating to silver wedding anniversary gifts for him.

One last suggestion for good anniversary gifts for men… a bouquet of flowers is certainly going to be something he’s not used to receiving. It’s actually becoming a very popular idea.