How to Make her Smile with your Sentimental 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

How many years now have you been relying on chocolates and flowers to bring a smile to your beloved’s face when it comes to your anniversary celebrations? Do you think this year needs to be different? After all it is your 25th wedding anniversary, which really calls for something unlike any other anniversary gift. We have to agree that 25 years of married life is something to be proud of, especially when you take into consideration the number of modern marriages that end in divorce.

kiss night cityThe traditional theme associated with 25 years of marriage is silver. But don’t feel under any pressure to stick with this theme, unless of course your lady wife is a stickler for following common conventions. Whether you’re looking for 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that revolve around silver, or are more than happy to ditch this particular custom, you’re not going to be disappointed with the number of options open to you.

As with any gift for the ladies, the most important factor is that it comes with a bucket full of love. If it also has other good qualities these will be a bonus. And when we’re talking about good qualities we aren’t referring to a monstrous price tag. Women hold the emotional thought behind a gift close to their hearts, not the number of dollars.

With this thought in your mind let’s share a few of our favourite suggestions.

Twenty fifth wedding anniversary gifts for her if you want something not so traditional

Are you the kind of people who for the last twenty five years have been concentrating your efforts on other people? You’ve been focusing on creating a loving home, raising your children with care and affection, and burgeoning your careers for a number of years now. Isn’t it time you did something for you and your wife alone? Give your wife the best gift of all, your undevoted attention, for longer than a few moments.

  • Take your wife away for an overdue vacation – Your kids are all adults now, and you should be able to leave them to their own devices for a couple of weeks. So take yourselves away for a well-earned vacation. You should also be in a secure position financially, so splash out and pick an exotic location. We’ve heard that Thailand is a wondrous place to visit, or you might want to consider Mauritius. There’s also Silver Springs, Colorado, the Silver Coast of Portugal or a silver mine in Wales. You might choose a place where you can enjoy some peace and tranquility, or a location that’s known for its vibrant nightlife, or take the chance to improve your skiing. And if you’d refer to stay within the borders of your home country, Canada has plenty of opportunities to unwind.
  • It could be time to try a new experience – Does it feel like you’ve hit a bit of a rut in your relationship? Are you looking for a wedding anniversary gift idea that’ll spark the feelings of love you enjoyed when you first started out as husband and wife? Enjoying new experiences is a great way to bring back the sparkle, because they usually come with excitement and adventure. Try your hand at ziplining, caving, rock scrambling or experience the thrill of an canyon icewalk. Or maybe you’d enjoy some flying lessons, stunt driving or sailing.

If you’d rather stick with traditional let’s look at some of your options.

Traditional silver wedding anniversary gifts for her

There are plenty of women who much prefer traditional gifts for their wedding anniversary. And with this one being 25 years silver is the theme.

  • white rose earringsA woman can never have too much jewellery – Of course she can’t. Throughout history women have loved adorning themselves with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. They perfectly set off any outfit and compliment a woman’s beauty. You can add an extra special touch by choosing to have the piece engraved with a few well chosen words. Take a look at what she’s already got because everyone’s taste is different. And if you risk buying her something that is out of the ordinary it’s likely to spend a long time gathering dust in a cupboard.
  • Somewhere to keep her trinkets safe – If you’re buying her silver jewellery for her 25th wedding anniversary gift consider buying her a silver trinket box to keep all her precious gifts safe. They also make a perfect stand alone gift that can be personalized to make it really special.
  • Silver wedding anniversary scrapbook or photo albumThe perfect gift to present to her when it’s been filled with memorable photographs.
  • Silver plated cake knife and carver set – When she serves up tea and cake for all her mates she’ll be proud to bring this gift out and make them green with envy.
  • His/Hers heart keychain – Keep one half for yourself and give the other to the woman you love to remind each other of the bond you share. Both halves can be engraved with your names and the date of your anniversary.
  • Personalized silver bookmark – If she loves reading this silver wedding anniversary gift for her will add a touch of luxury to the occasion. It can be personalized with a name, message or favourite quote of hers.
  • Do you love her enough to give her your last rolo? – Now you don’t have to because you can keep it all for yourself. Instead give her a sterling silver Rolo she can keep forever.

When you’ve found the most perfect gift for your lovely lady wife don’t let yourself down with the presentation. Add your own decoration to the presentation box or wrap the gift in some silver paper and attach a meaningful message. This kind of presentation will have far more impact than a plastic bag or brown cardboard box.

Think back to when you were a child and the excitement you felt when unwrapping your latest gift. If the gift you’ve bought is a silver ring then why not place it inside a series of boxes, one inside the other.

25 years of married life is a fantastic reason to hold a celebration. Spend it together, just the two of you, or gather round your family and friends, it’s entirely up to you. Find her a silver wedding anniversary gift that expresses your love for her, and you’ll continue to have a special place in her heart.

rose dipped in silver