Gifts Ideas for the Upcoming Silver Wedding Anniversary of a Couple of Your Friends

At some point in your life you’re likely to have a couple of friends who are about to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. It’s possible you may also find yourself struggling to choose the perfect gift. Don’t get yourself tied up in knots trying to pick the perfect gift. It’s really not difficult to find silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends. Whether you want something beautiful, practical, fun, sentimental or original there’s heaps to choose from whether you shop online or at the mall.

happy coupleGoing way back to the Holy Roman Empire husbands have been giving their wives gifts made of silver upon reaching their 25th anniversary. Back then it was usually a silver garland, but husbands nowadays have to put a little more thought into their gifts. Modern times have also changed the celebration in that friends and family are more likely to get in on the act.

Can we assume you’ve got a couple of friends who are about to celebrate such a significant milestone as their silver wedding anniversary? And you’d appreciate a bit of assistance in finding the perfect gift for them. Keep reading and we’ll run through a few of our favourite ideas.

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas if you fancy trying your hand at making something yourself

Making a gift for your friends will be far more special than anything you had to dip your hand into your wallet for.

  • An anniversary scrapbook – This is a way you can tell the story of their life together by presenting them with a gift that is a collection of some memorable photographs of moments they’ve shared. Include photographs of their children, grandkids, places they’ve lived, memorable vacations and all those other joyous events.
  • Create a time capsule – Find a suitable container and fill it with items from the year they got married. It could be coins, stamps, candy or chocolates, popular tunes from the era, and a newspaper dated the day they got married.
  • An anniversary collage – Much the same as a scrapbook, but for this gift you’ll need to find the right kind of frame. If you’re struggling to find the right images why not fill the frame with some special messages? You could mention some of the reasons they’re considered to be your friends, and what it is that makes them so special.

Traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for a couple of mates

Silver Wedding Anniversary for friendsIf you’re looking to buy your mates a traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift you might want to start by looking at a silver picture frame. Give them one each or one to share, but make sure you pop in your favourite picture of the two of them. Does their anniversary fall close to Xmas? Maybe they’d like some silver baubles to hang on their tree. Two intertwined heart shaped keyrings, matching bracelets or pendants, or how about a couple of matching rings?

If your budget is a little limited you can always go with a gift that’s silver-plated or at the very least silver-coloured. While kitchen gadgets are often coloured white, there are also plenty of silver coloured ones to choose from. A deep fat fryer, ice-cream maker, espresso machine or food mixer is sure to be appreciated by your friends.

Many of these gift ideas are very practical, but your friends may already have everything they could possibly need in their home. In which case you’ll have to think a little out of the box on this occasion.

Silver wedding anniversary gifts a little less traditional

If a big celebration is being planned for your friends wedding anniversary, you might want to get together with a few of the other guests and get them a gift far more thoughtful and memorable than a trinket box, photo frame, piece of jewellery or set of engraved glasses. Gift baskets are always worth considering as a gift for your friends. You can buy them already assembled, but it’ll be much more fun for you and far more personal for them if you put one together yourself. With a few of you contributing to the gift you should be able to fill a basket to the top with interesting and relevant gifts for them both.

You might also want to consider pooling your money and organising a party for them, send them on a vacation or book them in for an anniversary experience. Send them off for a helicopter ride, aerobatic plane flight, sports car racing, drifting, or possibly a dining experience at the restaurant of one of Canada’s famous chefs.

If you’re wondering how much your silver wedding anniversary gift should cost let’s look at the problem

rose dipped in silverThere nothing that says your gift should be expensive. In fact it’s possible your gift could cost nothing at all. Even if you’ve known your friends since high school it doesn’t automatically transfer to giving them a gift that cost the earth.

There will always be couples who love to make a song and dance about their achievements, but there will also be those who prefer a more quiet affair. Regardless of their preferences a suitable anniversary gift should still play a part in the occasion. 25 years of married life will always be a significant milestone. But nowadays it may even be more noteworthy, as so many marriages today end in divorce. This also makes it all the more relevant to buy your friends a silver wedding anniversary gift. Doing nothing at all will not show them the love and respect you have for them. It could be something as simple and budget-friendly as a card, along with a quick phone call to say hi. This alone will show them you’ve been thinking of them and aware of the importance of their anniversary day.

We hope some of our suggestions and ideas have got your creative juices flowing and you’re primed and ready for your gift choosing challenge. If we haven’t come up with a suitable suggestion yet don’t despair because there will be lots more where these came from in future weeks and months.