Finding Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples Made Easy

Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a significant milestone for any couple. And when it’s friends or family who are celebrating such an occasion, you’re going to be looking for a suitable anniversary gift. The theme for such an event is silver all the way, whether you looking for a traditional kind of gift or something a little more modern. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured into buying a gift made of silver, but it’s always good to have it as one of your options.

silver anniversaryHave you just had an invitation drop through the door for an upcoming anniversary celebration? Time to get your thinking cap on and come up with silver wedding anniversary gifts for the couple. When you’ve been married for quarter of a century there isn’t very much that you actually need, which is going to leave you wondering what on earth can you get them. When it comes to shopping you have a couple of choices. Spend hours wandering from gift store to gift store in your local town or city, or spend just as much time, but with far less wear on your shoe leather, doing your gift shopping online.

We can help make things easier by narrowing down the field a little and sharing some of the silver wedding anniversary gifts for couples we think are the best.

Give the happy couple silver wedding anniversary gifts to enjoy together

When it comes to silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples, a good choice is to pick a gift they can enjoy together. Here are a few examples:

silver rose

  • Then and now anniversary frame – This silver wedding anniversary gift is a great way to remind the couple of the journey they’ve enjoyed together. There is a place in the picture frame for a picture from their wedding day and one that’s been taken more recently. It can be personalized with their anniversary year, date, their names and a message.
  • Anniversary plate – This kind of gift is available in a number of different materials, silver, porcelain and even wood. Again it can be personalized however you see fit, and have silver detail if your budget is restricted.
  • Personalized beverage container – The perfect gift when it comes to entertaining, and because it’s waterproof it can be used outside as a drinks cooler, and even as a planter in the garden if the couple prefer.
  • Wind chimes – The slightest breeze will remind the couple of their silver anniversary with this charming gift. While not made from silver the aluminium tubes are the perfect colour, and they can be personalized with a sentimental message.
  • Photo pillow – All you need to do is upload a digital image of the happy couple and it can be printed on a pillow case, cushion cover, bag, mug, pretty much anything really.
  • Personalized peppermill – Any couple would be proud to have this gift sat on their dinner table.
  • Engraved champagne flutes or wine glasses – The perfect gift for the couple to toast their anniversary.
  • Roses for the garden – If you know the couple are keen gardeners you could buy them a plant for the garden. A good choice to make would be an anniversary rose bush. Roses have always been linked with love and romance, and there are plenty of varieties with very appropriate names.
  • A silver birch – If the couple have room in their garden they might like a silver birch tree to plant. But you need to be sure they’ve got enough room as trees have a tendency to grow very large.

If you’re one half of a silver wedding anniversary couple you may be wondering what you can do to make the day special. Let’s look at some ideas we think you should consider.

Top ways to enjoy your silver wedding anniversary day

With you silver wedding anniversary just around the corner you might be wondering what you can do to make the day memorable for you and your spouse. For every year that passes your journey takes on new meaning. There have been good times, bad times, and some times you’d rather forget all together, but the strong feelings of love you have for each other has seen you through all of them. You might want to share your special occasion with family and friends or you might prefer to celebrate all on your own. Let’s look at some of the great silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples.

An anniversary party for all your friends and family

Such a special occasion can be more enjoyable if you share it with others that are close to you. You can invite guests from both near and far, and it’ll be a chance to catch up with those you’ve not seen for years. First decide on a budget and then send out the invites. Hold your celebration in your home or any other suitable venue and book some entertainment.

A romantic dinner date for two

You might prefer your celebration to be a little quieter so spend your anniversary evening gazing into each other’s eyes across a candlelit table. You can always invite a few really special friends, your kids or grandkids if you don’t want to do it alone.

Renew your wedding vows

If you’re planning a party why not take the opportunity to renew your wedding vows, in front of family and friends. It’ll be a great way to strengthen your bonds. Why don’t you go back to the spot where you first said “I do”? Buy matching wedding rings made from silver and exchange them just like you did on your wedding day.

Show how much you love her with a gift from Eternity Rose

Roses are synonymous with love but the downside is that their beauty quickly fades. Present a rose bloom dipped in silver on her breakfast tray and you’re sure to be a finalist for husband of the year.

We wish you all the best for your 25th wedding anniversary celebration. May you be surrounded by people you love and enjoy all the anniversary gifts you’re given.

rose dipped in silver